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After my wife and I raised a family and I retired from a career in business, I had an itch to pursue my artistic interests. That led to several years of part-time photography studies in Southern California.


My interests are varied and that is reflected in the range of my photographic subjects and editing styles. I am equally drawn to subjects from international volunteer work and other travel as well as subjects in my neighborhood. The goal with my photographs of landscapes, architecture, flora, fauna, etcetera, is primarily to capture beauty and elicit interest in things as they are and perhaps as they are imagined. Characterizing my photographs of people is at times less clear. I often still attempt to capture beauty but perhaps more important is an attempt to convey an understanding of the subjects through their expressions, their surroundings and sometimes their wrinkles.


After 10 post-retirement years in the woods of our home state of Missouri, my wife and I recently returned to Southern California, where I had pursued most of my business career and we raised our sons.


I have exhibited my photography in both California and Missouri.


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